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Areas Covered


G.B.Locksmiths Nuneaton

If you want quality customer service, and first class workmanship in Nuneaton or the surrounding areas, call G.B.Locksmiths today!No matter what the issue with your locks or keys, G.B.Locksmiths can help. We offer a range of outstanding services covering everything from lock damage and replacement, to something as simple as a new set of keys.

We hope you never need a locksmith, however, if the unthinkable happens, make G.B.Locksmiths your first port of call.Offering a full range of services, with unrivalled quality workmanship at unbeatable prices. You need never look for another locksmith again! For any aspect of locks, keys,windows or doors. We’ve never come across a lock that we can’t handle.However, we know that it’s not always a straightforward fix when dealing with locks, for example, if a key snaps in the barrel. In this case, we will always use non- destructive entry methods first, to minimise damage to your property. We have the same respect for your property as you do.

G.B.Locksmiths use only the latest technology and security methods when securing your home. We move with the times to ensure you stay as secure as possible, day and night  providing you with a secure, quality service at unbeatable price. What’s more, we’re around 24 hours a day. Whatever the time, whatever the weather, you can count on our Locksmith to be there in your hour of need.

Worried about the current security in your home? Call G.B.Locksmiths now for a full service, replacement and/or repair, with our state of the art, anti-snap locks. Even if you’ve already got a really good quote, check us out first! So, for the quality assured service from a name you can trust, call G.B.Locksmiths today!



Nuneaton areas covered:

·         Attleborough

·         Hartshill

·         Camphill

·         Whitestone

·         Mancetter

·         Galley Common

·         Wolvey

·         Bramcote

·         Bulkington


Free Quotes


Simply give us a call and we will be happy to to give you a free quote or just some friendly advice. Even if you are not sure that you need a locksmith or would just like some advice on how you can make your home more secure feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to help

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